Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At The Cafe by @MishaCrews #Mystery #AmReading

Seven Tales of Love and Mystery

A soda spilled, a notebook drenched, a job ruined: so why was this the best day of Amanda's life? A water bed, an alarm clock, and two red nipple light bulbs: had Gary really figured out a way to kill his wife and not get caught? An impatient man and a woman who's never on time: would the cafe where they met be the place where they said goodbye forever? These and other questions will be answered in this collection of short stories. Sometimes romantic, occasionally spooky, always fun!

What one reader had to say:

"All the stories were very interesting and enjoyable. Since her first novel, Homesong, I have been reading everything Ms. Crews writes. She is a very talented writer. I can't wait for her next novel."

About this author: Raised in a family of book lovers, Misha's mother first encouraged her to read by offering to pay her two cents per page of 'Hop on Pop,' by Dr. Seuss. At first Misha was happy just to be raking in the cash, but before long she traded the pennies for the riches of the written word, and since that time she's seldom been seen without a book in her hand, in front of her nose, or at the very least in her purse!

Misha is married and is currently living and working in
Northern Virginia. She welcomes messages about writing, reading, workshops, ice cream, antique typewriters, stuff that make you laugh, etc., and can be contacted via her website:

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