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Love Letters, Inc. by @EC_Sheedy #Romance #MustRead

Wrong Address... Right Guy

Rosie O'Hanlon wants kids. Lots of kids. And she wants a man who'll value home, hearth, and a horde of happy children as much as she does. But, hey, this is the 21st century, full-throttle motherhood can be a tough sell at the best of times, and right now she's sidelined by a neck brace due to some recent surgery. She intends to kick start her search for the ideal father figure the minute the brace comes off.

By day, Rosie is a technical writer; by night, she's an ink-stained scribe who pens old-fashioned love letters for the romantic at heart. She'd kind of, sort of, hoped LOVE LETTERS, INC. would help pay the groaning mortgage on her aging house. Not happening. But she enjoys the letter writing too much to stop. She particularly enjoys writing letters for Gardenia to her fiancé Kent Summerton.

The problem is
Kent isn't engaged… to Gardenia or anyone else. Kent is the sexy-hot, very much single owner manager of a prestigious local resort. Ambitious, organized, and over-scheduled, Kent is not amused by the anonymous letters he's receiving from Gardenia. And when they become more and more explicit, he decides to track Gardenia down and put a stop to her purple pen.

All roads lead to Rosie, who's not happy to learn she's been duped by Gardenia into writing erotic spam. She's even less happy to be instantly attracted to work-crazed
Kent. With his green eyes, chiseled chin, and muscles in all the right places, he might be calendar material, but he's sooo not the man for her, and so-absolutely not the future father of her many children. After all, a six-pack of abs doesn't trump family values.

Rosie's right.
Kent doesn't want a passel of kids. Kent wants a successful business, an organized life, and a clean balance sheet. Kids? Time sucks and trouble. This he knows. Or thinks he knows. But Kent doesn't know what trouble is, until he starts wanting what he can't have—Rosie O'Hanlon.

What readers are saying:

"From that first sentence, Love Letters, Inc was great fun to read."

"The characters are well rounded and unique and the story is very well crafted. I would consider this a great "slice of life" novel and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice read. All around tight editing and great story-telling."

"…a terrific love story with an original twist."

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