Saturday, April 5, 2014

Strangers In The Night by @InesSaint #MustRead @Crimson_Romance

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Jake Kelly is Chicago's conservative mayoral candidate. Heir to a dubiously obtained real estate fortune, he's had a hard time convincing people a generous, caring heart lies beneath his cold demeanor. Recent polls have him lagging behind his more family oriented Democratic opponent and his main problem seems to be Chicago's large Hispanic constituency.

Keila Diaz is a warm, sassy, left-leaning violinist of Hispanic descent. She's struggling to make a career out of her passion for playing the violin in the city she loves.

Keila needs more work and Jake needs a consultant. When a friend brings them together to come up with a music program for the city's public school system as part of Jake's plans for education reform, sparks ignite and combust. Jake ignores he'd already met Keila once before and Keila follows his lead.

When photos of the two of them dancing close at a festival mysteriously show up in local media, things get complicated. Voters love the idea of Jake and Keila together, but they have it all wrong... or do they?

What readers are saying:

"...if you're after a sweet yet sensual read, Strangers In The Night is for you." ~Magical Musings Review         

"It was the first time I read a book by Ines Saint but I am without a doubt a fan girl from here on out." ~Harlequin Junkie Review

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