Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wilderness Heart by Jacqueline Hopkins - Romantic Suspense

Lyn Taylor is an Idaho wilderness hunting guide. Holding down a man's job in a man's world means she must prove, day after day, she is capable and qualified to guide men on their excursions. Lyn's family life is complicated and laden with too much responsibility for her to put much effort into frivolous things such as love and marriage.

Lumber man Nic Randall is seeking timber to mill. Although he is captivated by Lyn, he is convinced she can't handle the job as his guide. In Nic's experience, females are soft, their emotions run high, and he can't imagine being trapped for a week in the wilderness with a feckless woman who would most probably have him trekking in circles. Of course, Lyn isn't just any woman. She's confident and independent—and determined to prove him wrong.

What readers are saying:

"Realistic, suspenseful, romantic…"

"…has all the ingredients of a hot romance: a good-looking, drool-worthy male, a feisty female with mesmerizing eyes…lust, desire that just has to be given in to and love."

"…a gentle romance, teasing the reader with twists and turns of the heart."

"…a refreshing book giving both the reality of the wilderness and enough fiction to make it a good book. I really enjoyed it and have read it twice."

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