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Liberation by @SabinePriestley #Sci-Fi #Romance

Alien Attachments Series, Book 3
Sci-Fi Romance

Balastar Alder searches the galaxy for mysterious portal-making devices to determine their origin and learn their secrets.

Kit Athorika is scrambling to avoid the Torogs hunting her and retrieve the stash of hidden distorters.

Following the signal of foreign psi to an old abandoned building on Florin 5, Balastar literally stumbles across the pugnacious raven-haired beauty. Not only does Kit have the technology he seeks, but she uses it to port them to safety when the Torogs attack. Without the help of a single Portal Master.

Balastar offers to repay the favor by getting her off planet and back to her own ship. Their escape is complicated when the Torog's pursue. Forced to go silent and lay-low in an asteroid field, they have little to do. Fortunately, the chemistry between them quickly becomes combustible and they find endless ways to occupy their time.

Balastar convinces her to come and meet his boss, Lord Cavacent. Recently relocated to Earth, the Sandarian clan included a handful of rogue Portal Masters. Kit has her own reasons for hating and fearing the Portal Masters, but she needs all the help she can get to save her planet. She reluctantly agrees to seek out Lord Cavacent's help, and his connections to the Galactic Trade Organization and its powerful military.

The Portal Masters' Guild on Sandaria has controlled intergalactic portals throughout the galaxy for centuries, and jealously guard their secrets. One of those secrets has kept Kit's home world under quarantine for nearly thirty years. But portals across the galaxy are failing and the guild is getting desperate.

Finding themselves bonded wasn't expected, but having a psi-mate has its advantages. Can Kit and Balastar free and entire planet and take down the Portal Masters without losing their lives in the process?

What readers are saying:

“A fast-paced thrill ride…”

“Superb world-building, unforgettable characters!”

“This series gets better and better…”

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