Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dreams of Home by @JannieLund #Kindle #Nook @iBooks and More!

New Release!

Morello Cove, Book 2

Home from the war, Austin is plagued by dark thoughts. 

Fleur wants to help but soon discovers that loving a man who hates himself is hard. 

Both fighting inner battles, Fleur and Austin can’t also fight temptation. So they surrender to it. The result is not something either of them can live with, but they have very different solutions on how to fix the little four-letter problem called love.

Reviews for Book 1 of the series:

“The chemistry between Danielle and Scott is romantic and sassy. If you like a romantic read this book is for you.”

“…suspenseful, cleverly written and simply awesome. I am speechless! I absolutely recommend this romance novel. These are very well deserved 5 Stars I'm giving out.”

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Vintage Dreams, Book 1 ($0.99)

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