Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heart To Heart by Jan Scarbrough 99¢ @romancerider #Kindle #Nook @iBooks

99¢ Bargain Book

Jeremy Hamilton’s company is cash-strapped and his personal life is a mess. Inheriting the bulk of Ms. Addie Bynum’s wealth is a godsend, but to get the money, Jeremy must move to the small town of Legend, Tennessee. Ms. Addie has given Jeremy a second chance if he moves to the small town of Legend, Tennessee, and lives in Ms. Addie’s house for one month while her six cats get to know him.

Marty Fields is a pet psychic. She’s spent a lifetime explaining animal communication to skeptic citizens of her small town. Ms. Addie is the only person who understands Marty’s gift, and she makes Marty the guardian of her six cats and caretaker of her mansion. Now Jeremy’s fate is in Marty’s hands...and of course, in the paws of all the cats.

With a little faith and love—and the help of a six little matchmakers—Marty and Jeremy might find themselves joining together…Heart to Heart. 

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