Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Defiant Love by Judith E. French #Kindle #Nook @iBooks @Kobo

Triumphant Hearts Series, Book 1

In her heart, Rebecca Bradford is no longer the orphaned white daughter of a wealthy Maryland planter; she is Star Blanket, a bold young woman with no need for fancy clothes or manners, and no understanding of the 'honor' that prohibits Adam Rourke from acting upon the desire raging in his dark eyes.

Once a bondservant, Adam Rourke promised Rebecca's grandfather he would keep her safe until she assumed her role, and the fortune that was promised him.

But Rebecca wishes to return to her adopted Shawnee, unable to become the person she no longer is.

Granting Rebecca her freedom, guarantees Adam his fortune. But letting her go will cost him his heart.

Reader Review:

“Beautiful! This was a sensational story of love, acceptance and cherishing a love stronger than time.”

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By Love Alone, Book 4

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