Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Saving Sarah by @NanReinhardt #NewRelease for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and more!

A New Release from Nan Reinhardt

When Sarah Bennett's abusive ex hunts her down in Chicago, her friends spirit her away to Willow Bay, where she hopes to begin again with a different identity. But terror keeps her holed up, unable to start her new life.

Deputy sheriff Tony Reynard never expected to be staring down the barrel of a gun when he enters Sarah’s apartment to finish up some handyman work, but that’s how the fiery little redhead greets him, and he’s beyond intrigued.

After an intervention by her loving friends, Sarah becomes involved in a project to turn an old mansion into a battered women’s shelter. The women work together to renovate the house, along with the help of the townspeople and the delectably handsome Tony, who is a true renaissance man. Tony vows to bring Sarah back to life and love, but knows he needs to move slowly to win her heart.

When her ex tracks her down once more, Sarah must find the courage to protect her friends and her new love from his wrath.

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Titles in The Women of Willow Bay Series:

Saving Sarah, Book 4

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  1. Wonderful. Congratulations! I got my copy last night, and I look forward to the read.