Friday, November 3, 2017

Proposal for Love by #SharonCooper

Jenkins and Son Construction

Nathaniel Jenkins-Moore never allows romantic entanglements to get in the way of running Jenkins & Sons Construction. That is until the woman who ripped out his heart crashes back into his life. She wants to leave the past in the past, and though Nate knows a thing or two about rebuilding strong foundations, her betrayal still haunts him. He can’t forget. He won’t forgive. She can’t be trusted. But why does his heart still beat double-time whenever she’s near?

Liberty Stewart has been living a lie. Masking her shredded self-esteem and trying to overcome the emotional torment inflicted by her abusive ex-husband, she’s ready to rebuild her life. But just when she thinks she’s on track, her current assignment brings her face to face with the only man she’s ever truly loved—Nate. Too bad he hates her. Liberty knows she did Nate wrong, and getting him to trust her again might be impossible, but neither of them can deny the attraction that still runs deep.

Is the burning passion they share enough to get their troubled hearts to finally beat as one? Or is the hurt too deep for a happily ever after?

What readers are saying:

“…adorable, funny, and full of love.”

“I have read all of Sharon Cooper's books and highly recommend this one.”

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  1. Donna, you're awesome! Thanks so much for hosting my latest release - Proposal for Love!