Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Cattleman's Bride by Maxine Douglas @wamaxinedouglas #99cents Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks

99¢ - Brides Along the Chisholm Tail, Book 3

Suzanne Butler is saloon girl “Montana Sue” at the Lady Gay in Dodge City who has been hiding from an arranged marriage for over a year. Word has reached her that the man she spurned is on his way to Dodge City to reclaim her.

Cyrus Kennedy is a widowed Texas cattle baron, expected to deliver his cattle to the stockyard in Dodge City, make arrangements with a new housekeeper and tutor for his ten year old son. He didn’t expect a former feisty saloon girl would be going back to Texas with him.

Will Suzanne be able to shed “Montana Sue” and avoid an unwanted marriage? What will Cryus’ men and his boy think when he brings the red-headed Suzanne Butler home with him along the Chisholm Trail?

Reader review:

“As with any book by Maxine Douglas, this one pulls you right into the old west.”

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