Monday, November 19, 2018

For Passion by @JWintersAuthor #NewRelease #Romance

New Release from Jeannette Winters

Josh Turchetta left the US Marine Corps for one reason, to join his family in saving the lives of those who otherwise would’ve been lost. Work hard, play hard, is his motto and lifestyle.

Ellie Laroux enjoyed baking and refused to let her exotic cupcake shop fail. Her personal life was on hold as she focused on keeping her business out of the red.

In a flash, her life changes when she learns of her brother’s harsh, sudden death. She will not stop until his killers are brought to justice, even if it means losing her business and possibly her life.

Josh is assigned to watch Ellie from a distance. Ellie’s stubborn like her late brother and her tactics are drawing unwanted attention. How can he protect someone who is continuously waving a red flag calling out the enemy?

He finds her tenacity, determination, and passion irresistible. Is she the secret ingredient that has been missing from his life or a distraction that might get them both killed?

What readers are saying:

“Brilliant. Loved this book, loving the series. Totally recommend.”

“I loved this book in the Turchetta's Promise series!”

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