Friday, April 12, 2019

Creatus Talis by @Author_Carmen DeSousa #NewRelease #99cents

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For four thousand years, creatus elders have insisted that the creatus population concealed themselves from human beings because humans had hunted the creatus almost to extinction...

But one woman's research reveals that when creatus first arrived on this planet, humans didn't fear the alien beings that looked so much like the human race. That is, until the creatus started to breed with humans, creating a ferocious killer feared by humans and creatus alike. A creature so fierce that its legacy of death and destruction has fed nightmares for millennia. And now, a new breed of creatus has been born -- or rather, reborn.

Vev, one of the first generations of creatus talis, finds herself torn between her younger family members and a forbidden love as she fights to save the young talis from being turned into a weapon -- or worse, annihilation.

What readers are saying:

“One of my favorite things about this book and the series in general is that it's written in a way that feels entirely plausible. The explanations and the science all make sense. We could very well have a race of people called Creatus blending in with us average humans. The realism makes this book all the more captivating.” ~Amazon Vine Voice Top 500 Reviewer

“This is a great and unique story!” ~Barnes and Noble Reviewer

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  1. Oh, wow! Thank you so much for sharing Creatus Talis with your avid-reading friends. I hope everyone enjoys reading my twists on ancient myths as much as I loved writing them. <3