Saturday, April 20, 2019

She’s Trouble by Gara Shaw ~ #99cents for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks

Fun, Action-Packed Story for 99¢

CIA Agent Nicholas Steel lands the worst assignment of his career—protecting a pampered young heiress.

When Desirae Stone’s life is threatened by a Mexican drug smuggler, the CIA responds by assigning an agent as her bodyguard. Nicholas Steel might be handsome and charming, but that’s not enough to sooth the air of discontent that immediately arises between himself and Desirae.

The pair travels to Mexico, posing as a couple. While keeping a close eye on Desirae, Nicholas intends to find which of her father’s employees is a dangerous criminal. Just as Desirae and Nicholas begin to explore the spark of attraction that engulfs them, deception threatens to tear them apart. The heat increases on all sides, and the CIA agent realizes he will do anything, including risking his career—and his very life—for the woman he loves.

What readers are saying:

“Super enticing… hard to put down!”

“I absolutely loved it!”

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