Saturday, May 7, 2022

Beachcomber Investigations Complete Series - 12 Books #99cents

12-Book Bundle 99¢ Through May 8th!

The Complete 12 Book Romantic Thriller Series Plus Bonus Novellas!

Sparks fly as special ops agent Dane Blaise and Scotland Yard detective Shana George team up to solve crimes on Martha’s Vineyard! A must-read boxed set of riveting romantic suspense.

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise is a very paranoid beachcomber. He takes his violence with a cup of zen and a shot of tequila. Until ex-Scotland Yard detective Shana George intrudes on his island. Now there's a slip in his swagger and a sliver of hope wedged in his cynicism. The kind of vulnerability that could get a man--or woman--killed.

Is their partnership in Martha's Vineyard's only PI agency a mistake? Maybe. Maybe not...

If you love intense action and sizzling sensual tension mixed with witty banter, this is your series.

What readers are saying:

“Feel like this Beachcomber series went in a good full circle. Good characters, action, thriller, romance. Very well done.”

“Each book has an exciting story and you see the relationship between Dane and Shana grow. Great characters!”

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