Monday, May 6, 2013

Irish Linen by Candace McCarthy

Steamy Historical Romance


Meghan McBride owes her life to the elegant stranger who saved her from a brutal attacker. Death had cruelly taken away her father on this long voyage to America, leaving her alone and prey to the dangers that lay beyond her Irish homeland. Now, in need of a man’s protection until they reach Delaware’s shores, she agrees to pose as Lucas Ridgely’s bride-to-be.


Meghan is nothing like the pampered beauties Lucas is used to courting, but this waif-like woman with the haunting air of melancholy stirs something deep inside him. In America, a man waits for her. Bur the thought of Meghan in the arms of another drives Lucas almost to madness. Somehow, he must find a way to claim her for his own, to show her the true meaning of passion—and to convince her that promises are made to be broken…and true love is meant to be fulfilled.


"If spicy and steamy is your style, Irish Linen will bring you delight! Another skillfully told tale of love from McCarthy -- once more, enjoy the talent that's made her so successful. A tribute to our immigrant ancestors' courage! Come with Meghan McBride on her voyage to America. Conquer with her the challenges her new life brings. Share the adventure, the anguish, the treasure of growing love. McCarthy pulls no punches, in the bedroom or out!" ~Frances Mosconi, Literary Times

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