Thursday, May 9, 2013

Loving Again by Peggy Bird

Book 2 of the Second Chance Series

One spring evening, at an art gallery opening, Portland police detective Sam Richardson meets Amanda St. Claire, a talented, young glass artist. He’s immediately attracted to her. Trouble is, they’re introduced by Amanda’s boyfriend, restaurant and club owner Tom Webster.

Then, Webster is murdered and Amanda’s accused of killing him. Amanda and Sam grow closer as they try to clear her name. Strange things begin to happen. Another glass artist publicly accuses her of stealing his ideas. She’s stalked while out running errands. The sensor on the back door to her basement keeps going off, as if someone is trying to get into her house. Her studio is repeatedly broken into.

Then, two more people are killed and the evidence points, again, to Amanda as the killer. And this time, Sam’s life is threatened, too. On her own Amanda comes up with a plan to protect him. A plan that means she will have to shut him out of her life. But she can’t let anything happen to him, not after everything he did for her.

Even if it means losing the only man she’s ever loved.

This is a spicy hot read!

Praise for Peggy Bird:


"Steam, suspense, and a hot cop!"

"'s definitely one I'd recommend and I'd even read again. I'll be watching for more of this author's books."

"I am a sucker for a love story with a real plot and this one surely has a mystery to solve in Collins' true intentions. But the steamy sex in this book is what makes it a must read! It is hot and satisfying for Liz and me too!" ~for Beginning Again, Book 1 of the Second Chance Series.

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