Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beyond Fate by @JackieWeger #Okefenokee #MustRead Romance

Five-Tissue Read

Raised by an unforgiving grandmother, Cleo Anderson has lived her life in the shadow of her mother's sin. The psychological scars are seared into her bones. Hauling a tiny Play-Mor Camper behind a years' old Blazer she fancies leaving behind heartbreak and sadness and reinventing her life. She's made one disastrous choice already and determines never to fall for good looks, sweet words and passionate embraces ever again. Alone is good.

Yet, off the beaten path in a run down fish camp deep in the wilds of the
Okefenokee swamp she meets a man. Fletcher Maitland is everything she doesn't want in her life--attractive, bold and rife with Southern charisma just begging to be bottled. Suddenly, alone doesn't feel so good. Now, faced with a man she wants more than life itself, Cleo struggles to come to terms with her past---and her future.

What readers are saying:

"Beyond Fate is a profoundly moving masterpiece. I was drawn to tears on one page while thrust into fits of laughter several paragraphs later."

"The characters are realistic and I felt like I had been put through an emotional wringer."

"…deeply emotional… the story of learning to love, moving beyond your past, and loss. Cleo is sweet, Fletcher is a cocky southern man. Big Mama was the funniest character and I loved her."

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