Monday, February 3, 2014

Garland Roses by Kathryn Reynolds Book 1 #RockStar #Romance @Kathy1964a

What would you do if a menacing stalker was threatening your life? For Kathy Meadows this isn't a philosophical question, but a fact of life. A psychotic madman who calls himself The Doctor is stalking her, calling her all hours of the day and night.

While attending a rock concert with her nieces, Kathy is studied by a stunningly sexy man in the crowd. All too soon, she discovers the mysterious stranger is the legendary Joel Garland, Garland Roses' lead-singer. With a sinking heart, Kathy realizes Joel is out of her league, and that once the concert is over, she'll never see him again. But fate proves this prediction wrong. When Joel learns of the danger Kathy is facing, he steps in to protect her and vows to keep her safe from The Doctor.

Joel and Kathy’s romance is the first story in an eight-book series that follows the lives and loves of the famous Garland Roses rock stars.

What readers are saying:

"…an intriguing concept of an ordinary person and a rock star. I also liked the fact it has family values. It was funny and suspenseful and loved the romance (clean). I look forward to the next one in the series."

"If you like to read, you will love this book. If you love to read you will read it twice."

"I really enjoyed this book; the good plot kept me guessing. When does the next one come out? I will read the whole series."

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