Thursday, February 18, 2016

Alana by @Monica_Barrie #HistoricalRomance for #Kindle

From the ashes of Antebellum Charleston comes a compelling story of raging desire, power, passion, and revenge.

The Civil War has ravaged her plantation, her life, and the man she was to marry before the conflict began. But Alana Belfores refuses to let the war steal away her dreams. She vows to rebuild Riverbend—no matter the cost!

But not until Rafe Montgomery rides into her lonely life, bringing home her fiancĂ©, broken in mind and body, does she come to know the touch that sears...the kiss that devours...and the ecstasy that consumes the body and damns the soul.

What readers are saying:

“Alana is a great story—reminiscent of Gone with the Wind…” A Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

“...a gripping story of a subject that no one writes about: the reconstruction era in the south. The story held me spell-bound, and I even discussed the premise with my husband…” An Amazon Customer

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