Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Fair Lizzy by @BarbSilkstone #Regency #PrideAndPrejudice #JaneAusten

A Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation

Lizzy Bennet, a sassy London shop girl is instantly attracted to Fitzwilliam Darcy, the arrogant, handsome visitor to the Bennets’ struggling Covent Garden flower shop. Darcy insists on purchasing Lizzy’s lucky orchid as a gift for his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Will Lizzy sell her family’s much needed good fortune to the haughty know it all?

Complications arise when Darcy accepts Bingley’s wager to make a sophisticated lady out of the humble flower girl. Can Lizzy endure Darcy’s mentoring in order to save the Bennet family’s flower shop? Will Caroline Bingley tolerate Darcy’s peppery new student? Will Wickham finally bring about Darcy’s ruination?

This is a light-hearted tale of a headstrong, London lass (Lizzy) whose drive to achieve more than life has handed her compels her to accept the position of pawn in a wager between two friends, (Darcy and Bingley). Gumption meets true love.

A fun read for all those who have ever enjoyed George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion.

This is not your usual Elizabeth Bennet… no offense intended to either Lizzy or the English language. Lizzy’s occasional lapses of proper English should not be mistaken for typos, but rather a touch of cockney! All the characters retain their original personalities and reactions to one another, but the story is not canon. How could it be?

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting Lizzy to visit. :)
    I had so much fun writing this book! Romance and giggles!