Thursday, January 10, 2019

Rainy Day Lovers by @AliciaStreet1 #NewRelease #Kindle #99cents

New Release! 99¢ for a Limited Time!

Raina spent her youth as the problem-solver and peacekeeper of her volatile dysfunctional household, then later continued in a similar role as a family law attorney often working sixteen-hour days. But as she watches her family and her clients move on with their lives, she is shocked to discover she forgot to get a life of her own.

After a tragedy that left him orphaned and alone, Roman finally got a second chance and he made the most of it. Although he is now a plastic surgeon, an expert in repairing external scars, the scars from his own internal wounds still haunt him—and so does the memory of the girl whose act of courage and kindness changed his life. 

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