Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Secrets of a Memory by Andrea Golden #Kindle @Goldenescritora

New Kindle Release for $1.12 US, £0.99 UK

Ninety-year-old Alicia lives in the United States with her granddaughter Caly. Alicia harbors secrets she’d thought to take to her grave. But the Last Great Trial is to be held in Brussels within a month—and Alicia is called to testify.

What Alicia confesses brings to light the inhuman existence of a Jewish woman during times of war, and her struggle to survive by clinging to any circumstance that might keep her alive. “I was willing to survive at any price.”

Alicia’s granddaughter Caly finds herself caught between her grandmother’s obligation to testify and exploring the attraction that unexpectedly arises for a man who could completely change her insipid life.

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