Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Billionaire's Miracle Family by @ArabelleStevens #NewRelease #Kindle

New Kindle Release!

Audrey Edlin's life was completely under control with a predictable routine. She had a job she loved, friends, and a lovely home on Beacon Hill in Boston she inherited from her grandmother. Life was consistent, orderly, and comfortable. Except for the man-child living next door.

Donahue Alister lived in the townhouse connected to Audrey's. He loved loud video-games, his raucous buddies, and pizza. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so life was one big party to him. Or so it seemed to Audrey, who was nothing but annoyed by him.

Things change when a chubby, bundle of joy is left on Don's doorstep, forcing the two neighbors to join forces for the welfare of little Chloe.

Sparks fly when they begin to see each other a little differently and realize that things, and people, aren't always as they appear.

What readers are saying:

“Great feel-good romance!”

“…wonderful, witty dialogue… wonderful story…”

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