Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Window To Love by @FifiFlowers #HotSexy Read

Melissa Bennette, a young beautiful woman who has tragically lost her parents in a devastating plane crash, is set to spend another Christmas holiday alone until one night as she gazes into the dressed up holiday windows of New York City and her path crosses with the gorgeous man of her dreams.

Evan Duke is the world's top male model, dreamed about and wanted by women everywhere, but he only has eyes for her.

This erotic tale of twists, turns and surprises stretches from twinkling lights of
New York to the sun drenched beaches of Santa Monica to the art world of Paris. With each destination, the layers of their lives and closely held secrets fall away as a beautiful love grows out of the weeds of self doubt and heartbreak. 

What readers are saying:

“Nice HOTTTTT read!”

“You know a book is good when it starts off with hot, steamy, juicy sex. Yes this book did and I loved every minute of it.”

“I wish this author had more books because I truly loved this one.”

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