Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Life by @BeateBoeker ~ $0.99 Mystery and Romance in Italy

Imagine you're accused of murder—but you're innocent.

Imagine you've finally been acquitted due to lack of evidence—but you've lost your job and your friends.

Imagine you have to start a new life in Italy—but you don't even speak Italian.

Imagine your new boss seems to hate you—but for some reason, he bowls you over.

And then, just as life seems to become good again, history repeats itself . . .

What readers are saying:

“Murder and mayhem begin our story and lead us to the climax as well. With many misunderstandings, the author weaves a very interesting tale that leaves you very satisfied in the end. Descriptions of the scenery and the people are well done. A delicious read.”

“…a lovely romantic mystery which has you rooting for love to blossom and for truth to prevail.”

“If you have ever dreamed of leaving your past behind and starting over again, this book is for you! …a great story set in a beautiful city and country. The author has done a great job of bringing the romantic city, culture, and people of Florence to life.”

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