Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Lady of the Pier #99¢ #Kindle TODAY @FrostieMoss

Love will go on forever, seeking a second chance.


Dreaming of wealth and happiness, Laura Mayfield arrives in Brighton to pursue a new life. She falls for Christian Searle, a happy-go-lucky stagehand at the West Pier theatre, but when she's offered a chance to perform there, her love for him is put to the test. Charles Willard, a wealthy aristocrat, is fascinated by her and pursues her relentlessly. Will Laura choose love... or money?

CORFU, 1987

On a long holiday with her grandparents, Sofia Aspioti meets Danny Markson, a charming flirt who makes her laugh. She tries to keep him at arm's length because she's worried that village gossip will get back to her strict family. Yet she falls desperately in love. That's when strange dreams about Brighton's West Pier and a woman dressed in black begin to haunt her. Who is this grieving woman? And how is her lament related to Sofia's feelings for Danny?

What readers are saying:

“Addictively mesmerizing!”

“…beautiful and descriptive prose bringing you into each location and era with accuracy. Recommended for those who absolutely love romances that take you back in time!”

“I enjoyed the light and gentle manner of the storytelling, an easy read and I am looking forward to book 2 in the series.”

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