Thursday, October 15, 2015

Defying The Alliance by @BobbiRossAuthor #Kindle #SciFi #NewRelease

99¢ New Release

One rogue captain, one deliciously sexy alien warrior and one ship... 

Caspia Jones, the headstrong, sassy captain of the Warbird Razor, is a proud agent of law and order in her galaxy. That is until the Novokin Alliance invades her world, enslaving her people and killing everyone dear to her. Most of her crew is dead. Her fleet disbanded. To save the last remaining crestfallen members of her crew from certain death, she has to run, become a fugitive. An outlaw.

But Caspia can’t leave well enough alone.

She frees the slaves on the Deep Proteus space station, unable to resist saving the smoldering hot, deliciously muscled barbarian, full of sexy -who dares to challenge her authority, infuriate the prak out of her and tantalize all of her body senses. Now, her ship and crew are once again in the enemy’s crosshairs with nowhere to run. 

Will she choose to break her Protectorate Captain’s code to save them? Will she go against everything she believes in? Everything she stands for? Will Caspia choose the mysterious, intoxicating, green-eyed alien commander over her principles, her ship and the lives of her crew?

What readers are saying:

“Quite an adventure…great chemistry between Caspia and Trex.”

“Just finished reading book 1 and can't wait for book 2! Funny, sizzling and entertaining space adventure with twists and unexpected turns...kept me hooked to the end.”

“I LOVED it I can't wait for the rest of the series!!”

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