Friday, October 23, 2015

Steady As You Go by @CherylMurnane 99¢ #Kindle #Nook @Kobo

Three lives are forever changed when fate intervenes.

As a young girl, Maggie’s world was shattered by the unexpected death of her father. When she meets Tim in college, Maggie realizes that his cautious lifestyle was exactly what she is seeking.

Tim loves protecting his wife and sheltering her from life's pains, but he soon finds that life has a tendency to disrupt even the best intentions when their carefully planned future is turned upside down after they receive startling news.

Will is mending a broken heart after the woman he loved leaves him. When a chance encounter with Tim develops into a treasured friendship, Will finds himself drawn into the struggles of Tim’s life, as Tim and Maggie grapple with the realization that their life will never be the same.

As time slips away for Tim, he knows Will is his only chance to keep Maggie safe and provide her with the security she craves, but Maggie is torn about letting her guard down with the type of man who yearns for adventure. Could it be in Will’s destiny to open his heart to love one more time?

What readers are saying:

“I really, really enjoyed this much that I bought the Authors other novel and read it... I highly recommend this book and this Author.”

“The author's story telling is engaging and love unfolds before your eyes. Very heartwarming.”

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