Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Love Sounds Like by Alissa Callen

~Love In The Outback~

Outback speech pathologist, Mia Windsor, believes her morning from hell is over. Then suited-up, city-boy Kade Reid strides into her office and announces he and his wide-eyed niece are the clients that she will be living with for the fortnight.

Kade Reid adheres to a single edict — money is as important as breathing. But when he becomes an instant father to four-year-old Tilly, he escapes to the only place he was allowed to be a child...the family property of Berrilea.

As Mia and Kade work together to help Tilly overcome her speech delay, can they face their fears in order to give Tilly the family she so desperately needs?

What one reader had to say about What Love Sounds Like:

"The attraction was there -- and how! -- but they also felt like real people, and that was the secret to this story that made me smile and cry and genuinely enjoy the journey." 5-Stars

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