Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Suite Life by Sue Gibson

"...a pleasure to read"
Welcome to Buttermilk Falls, Ontario

Frustrated landscape painter Delaney Forbes finally quits her day job and is free to escape her stifling home town of Buttermilk Falls, Ontario. Nothing can stand in the way of her dream of a year spent painting in Paris -- nothing except an inopportune fire that temporarily compromises her finances, followed by a lucrative short-term job offer from handsome hotelier and absolutely confirmed bachelor Trey Sullivan. While living in adjacent penthouse suites, Delaney dreams of painting in Paris and Trey determines to avoid the career-killing ties of love and marriage, goals immediately jeopardized by their mutual attraction. But their agreement to a no-strings romance soon falters as the pair begins to realize the depth of their feelings for one another. They promise not to stand in the way of each other's goals, but their creativity and ambition come at a price that might prove to be too steep.

A Suite Life is Book 2 in the Suite Love Series.

What reviewers are saying:

"I'm always on the lookout for romances set in unfamiliar places--unfamiliar to me, anyway--and this one was a sweet surprise."

"With warmth and gentle humour, Sue Gibson follows up on the lives and loves of the characters brought to life in "A Suite Deal" with her second book, "A Suite Life". For a romance novel of friendship, love, and picturesque settings, go no further!"

"The story was just a real pleasure to read."

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  1. This book will take you back in time to your days at the cottage. Open the book and you can almost smell the pine trees! Any Canadians following? You'll feel like you've been there already.
    Thanks, Donna