Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time for a Duke by Ruth Hartman

~A Regency Romance~

Izzy Hodgkin just wants an adventure. Who knew that involved being locked in a closet in 2012, then being transported to 1812 when the door is opened later?

Charles Hamilton Douglas Wade, Duke of Bramblewood Green, thinks he will never find the right woman. When he opens his closet door one day, imagine his surprise to find a woman in there. And she’s from the future!

Will Izzy stick with her plan to return to 2012 America to achieve her goal of financial independence? Or will she and Charles find happiness in 1812?


 "The plot was original and the characters charming..."

"...everything I love about regency heroes."

"...a quick, sweet read"

" interesting spin on a Regency Romance that was fresh and engaging!"

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