Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Losing Faith by Robbie Cox #MustRead #Erotica @CoxRobbie

"What's your fantasy?"

An innocent enough question asked by Selby to his wife Faith, but it leads them down a journey that may or may not have dire consequences to their relationship. Wanting to please each other, they decide to open up their marriage to other sexual adventures. All is well when they explore their sexual side together, but what if they played with others without the other one present? Sex isn't always just about sex. As they explore their desires, they discover how it affects not only their marriage, but the relationships around them-family, friends, even work relationships.

The question is, will they survive?

What readers are saying:

“When this book was suggested by a friend, I resisted a little at first since it's not a genre I would ever consider reading on my own. All I can say is wow! The emotions of the characters come through so clearly, that it seemed as if I knew them personally. Their story will make you smile, make you laugh and it will make you seek out your significant other for a little rendezvous of your own.”

“Just the right balance of steamy sex and heart filled romance. The characters were so well written, I felt like I knew them.”

“Very entertaining and thought provoking!”

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