Friday, October 3, 2014

Noah's Sweetheart by @RebeccaKertz #Amish #Series

Lancaster County Weddings, Book 1

A Place to Heal

After suffering a broken engagement, teacher Rachel Hostetler is looking for a fresh start. When handsome Noah Lapp rescues her from a runaway buggy her first day in town, things seem hopeful. Then Rachel hears talk that Noah is expected to court her cousin, Charlotte. Yet Noah spends all his free time with Rachel. Will Rachel discover the truth without losing her heart? And find a happy-ever-after in Happiness,

What readers are saying:

"...a heart-warming tale of a young woman's second chance at love after heartbreak. Rachel suffered a terrible accident and the loss of the man she believed that she would marry. After coming to Happiness to start a new life, I was afraid that Rachel's fears would keep her from accepting new hope that awaited her with Noah, but I wasn't disappointed. You won't be either. I highly recommend "Noah's Sweetheart" and await more books by the same author. I liked this one so well that I bought a second to give to my granddaughter."

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