Friday, October 24, 2014

Touched by Sunlight by Leslie D. Stuart - "Unforgettable" @DestinyAuthorLS

IF WE ARE LUCKY, LIFE SENDS US ONE TRUE FRIEND. When Solaris left Tristan in San Diego to pursue her photojournalist career, she thought goodbye was forever. But six years and ten thousand miles did not erase their special friendship. While she is working freelance in Peru, Tristan finds her. But trouble follows him to the Amazon jungle. In one moment, her entire world is torn apart. His small decision to see Solaris ripples through their lives with devastating effect. Nothing will ever be the same.

People meant to love you forever can be the most deceptive.

Love must be stronger than fear to survive. Without courage, justice will be impossible. Solaris must risk everything to find the truth. But she is not alone. Someone is watching. Someone wants her dead. But someone else loves her.

Fast-paced and emotionally involved, with charismatic characters that jump from the pages, Touched by Sunlight is addictive and unforgettable.

What readers are saying about Leslie Stuart:

"… a beautiful story; one of the best that I have read." ~An Amazon Reviewer about Roses In Winter

"… captured my heart from the very first page. I really felt the heartache of the characters and couldn't put it down." ~An Amazon Reviewer about Roses In Winter

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