Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cursed by Love by @JacieFloyd ~ 99¢ #Kindle

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Gabe Shaw of the Good Riders Romance series is not your average bad-boy. As a Harley enthusiast and owner of a failing family business, Gabe takes a jade carving to an antiques appraisal show in Cincinnati. He learns the oddly-shaped carving is half of a piece of Chinese erotica known as the Sleeping Lotus. If paired with its companion piece, it’s worth half-a-million dollars. Unfortunately, the other half is owned by Molly Webber, a superstitious third-grade teacher.

Ancient Chinese legend says that when the two pieces are joined together, the Sleeping Lotus will make the owners lucky in love and bring them great wealth. But with the object divided, the owners will be cursed with unrequited love and untimely death. A history of misfortune in both of their families is enough to confirm the validity of the curse for Molly, but Gabe dismisses the notion. He believes people make their own luck.

Gabe and Molly try working together to research their carvings, but passion continually overwhelms the mismatched couple. While wrestling with unseen forces and evading the pursuit of unscrupulous collectors, they must reach a decision about the carving’s ultimate fate and their own destiny. 

What readers are saying:

“Funny, romantic, and interesting.”

“For [readers] who are looking for a good series, this is a must!”

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