Friday, November 20, 2015

Wolfe of the West by @ElizRoseNovels #Kindle #WesternRomance

$1.99 Kindle Worlds Release

Billy de Wolfe, known as Wolfe, is a loner and bounty hunter who has no ties to anyone. But when his ancestor, a medieval knight named Sir William de Wolfe appears as a ghost to set him straight and remind him of the importance of family - his life takes a twist. He finds himself returning to his family’s ranch, having to face not only his siblings but his best friend from childhood – the woman he’s loved and lost - Lexi Marquardt.

Can a medieval ghost help a cowboy with a lost soul realize his mistakes of the past before he loses his family and the woman he loves forever? And can a lone wolf learn that the De Wolfe Pack always runs together? 

“…Elizabeth Rose put in her usual twists and turns and makes a really great short story.”

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