Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Hearts Awakening by @FiolaFaelan 99¢ #Kindle @Kobo #Nook

"A Bargain At $0.99!"

Her determination to guard her heart goes up in smoke when fire forces her from her home and into Zach’s arms. What’s a girl to do when her new sexy neighbor embarks on a sensuous campaign against her senses? The fire may be out, but she smolders with desire for the blasted man.

Zach has sworn off relationships, concentrating instead on work and being a single dad to his young daughter. After almost losing her years ago, every day is about keeping her safe. Little does he know the holidays will bring not only visions of sugar plums, but also a stubborn too-sexy neighbor in need. His protective instincts roar to the front, as does his libido and the heart he thought he’d locked away.

Although neither of them have a lick of trust left in their souls, will the gift of love and family win them over? 

What readers are saying:

“…a sweet story, a quick read, and a satisfying ending.”

“I loved this story. A great read any time of year!”

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