Friday, December 4, 2015

The Green Room by @FaithMortimer ~ 99¢ #Kindle @iBook #Nook @Kobo

A Psychological Thriller

Ella believes she has a good life—no money worries, a job she enjoys, a gorgeous apartment and an undemanding boyfriend… until one fateful evening when everything changes. 

A young woman is found raped and strangled near Ella’s home. The latest victim in a serial killer’s rampage across Surrey

Ella’s boyfriend Michael, a police constable on the team conducting the investigations, pleads with Ella to be vigilant at all times. The killer is bound to strike again. 

When a handsome, enigmatic stranger rents the empty apartment above Ella, the brutal death toll rises. Against her better judgment, Ella ignores her boyfriend’s warnings about strangers until it is far too late. 

She is convinced that there must be a connection between the murdered women, and for some reason, it’s all linked to the Green Room…

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