Friday, January 6, 2017

Ivoth by @CeliaKyle - New #Kindle Release - New York Times Bestselling Author!

He has to choose—love or honor—because he can’t have both.

Elle may be a Davenport, but she’s finding she enjoys life as a mostly-gray sheep of the Davenport family. She kicked off the Daven Bio uniform and now works for their corporate enemy—Cole Pharma, now headquartered in Preor Tower. She’s got massive, muscular, winged aliens surrounding her from sun up to sun down. But there’s only one Preor warrior who throws her world into a tailspin—Ivoth sen Pezet’li. Strong. Sexy. Sinfully seductive. Hers? No. They don’t share the Knowing, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting him. Bad.

Ivoth made a vow to his sire—the sen Pezet line would not end with him. And yet, when he speaks with Elle, scents her skin, and feels her curves against his hard body, he does not know if he can let her go. He craves her more than any other—perhaps even more than he desires to fulfill his vow—and he knows he must make a choice. Keep Elle and never have dragonlets or leave her and lose his heart forever.

Ivoth has to make a choice, but first, he has to keep Elle alive. Someone wants her dead and Ivoth is determined to kill them first. He only prays to Syh he is successful.

What readers are saying:

“Another great book in the series!”

“Absolutely brilliant!”

“Wow… way cool.”

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