Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Timeless by Jan Scarbrough 99¢ @romancerider #Kindle #Nook More!

A 99¢ Contemporary Gothic Romance

When Beth Abbott receives a surprise inheritance from her birth mother, she travels to the family’s nineteenth century mansion in Old Louisville, now a bed and breakfast. There the new mistress of Chadwick House meets the resident ghost, a little girl whose crying not only scares, but also intrigues guests. As she sets out to discover the identity of the ghost and why the child ghost appears happy to Beth, not sad, Beth is confronted by evil from the past.

Jeff Halstead, a man with many secrets, runs the bed and breakfast. But he’s more than that to Beth, and she feels their connection immediately. A psychic medium who doubts his skills, Jeff slowly uncovers the truth of their past lives. Will he be in time to reveal the identity of Beth’s enemy? Will the love they shared in the past follow them into the future?

What readers are saying:

“…kept me enthralled from beginning to end.”

“…a sweet paranormal romance about a pair of star-crossed lovers. …a feel-good read.”

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