Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just Like Other Daughters by Colleen Faulkner $1.99 @Ginger2Faulkner #Kindle #Nook More!

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It's how you love that matters.

Alicia Richards loved her daughter from her very first breath. Days later, when tests confirmed what Alicia already knew—that Chloe had Down syndrome—she didn't falter. Her ex-husband wanted a child who would grow to be a scholar. For Alicia, it's enough that Chloe just is.

Now twenty-five, Chloe is sweet, funny, and content. Alicia brings her to adult daycare while she teaches at a local college. One day Chloe arrives home thrumming with excitement, and says the words Alicia never anticipated. She has met someone—a young man named Thomas. Within days, Chloe and Thomas, also mentally challenged, declare themselves in love.

Alicia strives to see past her misgivings to the new possibilities opening up for her daughter. Shouldn't Chloe have the same right to love as anyone else? But there is no way to prepare for the relationship unfolding, or for the moments of heartbreak and joy ahead.

With grace and warmth, Colleen Faulkner tells an unflinching yet heartrending story of mothers and daughters, and of the risks we all take, both in loving and in letting go. 

Praise for Just Like Other Daughters:

"This deeply moving story of maternal love and renewal will touch your heart. It's a celebration of the capacity of the human heart to heal itself and embrace change, beautifully written with rare insight." ~Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Be prepared to weep tears of sorrow as well as tears of joy. This is a novel you won't soon forget." ~Holly Chamberlin, author of Last Summer

"Just Like Other Daughters as so real, so honest . . . I laughed, I hoped, I cried. It's that good." ~Cathy Lamb, author of Henry's Sisters

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