Monday, January 2, 2017

Kiss and Make Up by Christy Hayes 99¢ @SeaHayes #Kindle #Nook More!

99¢ Bargain!

Forgive and forget is easier said than done…

Spending Easter weekend at their parents’ lake house is torture for Zach and Dylan Chamberlain. Zach doesn’t care that Dylan and Zach’s ex, Emily, are blissfully in love. He’s too busy ignoring them and trying to sneak into girlfriend Jenna’s bedroom without getting caught.

When youngest brother, Nick, suffocating under the tension at family gatherings, does the unthinkable, he forces a confrontation that nearly tears the family apart. Caught in the crossfire and desperate for peace, Emily and Jenna devise a plan to mend Zach and Dylan’s relationship once and for all. Will their risky plan backfire, driving the brothers further apart? Or will everyone finally kiss and make up?

“Great plot… great read!” ~Kindle Reviewer

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