Monday, February 4, 2013

Admissions of Guilt by Roxanne Winkler

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Alexa Kincaid is living the American dream. She is married to David Cooper, a handsome pediatrician, has a successful criminal law practice, and a beautiful home on the Chesapeake Bay. But her dreams are soon shattered when she finds out that the woman she's representing in the biggest trial of her career, Rachel Mills, reveals a secret that threatens her marriage to David. It will take all of Alexa's strength to set aside her personal feelings for a woman she so desperately wants to hate, in order to successfully defend her in court. Along the way, Alexa learns some powerful lessons about love, guilt, and jealousy. Upon searching the depths of her own soul to find the true meaning of forgiveness, she receives a gift from Rachel that changes her life forever.

What readers are saying:

"…a wonderful novel. I had intentions of spending a week to finish it but
I finished in two days.. Once you get started you will understand why.
I am looking forward to her next book."

"A very moving book. It brought tears to my eyes several times. I also have a downs syndrome child in my family. And this read lets you know what a true joy."

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