Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mending Fences by Lucy Francis

She was the first woman to turn him down.

Businessman-turned-rancher Curran Shaw is no stranger to hard work, but women have never required much effort. When a mysterious brunette at a resort-town Halloween party sparks his interest and then vanishes, he vows to finish what she started. It’s finding her that’s going to be the hard part.

He was her fantasy, and that’s all he could ever be.

Victoria Linden has reconstructed her life and soul from the devastation wrought by an abusive ex and her own failures. She desperately wants to be loved, but what man will agree to the control and limitations she needs in order to hold herself together? Especially a man like Curran, who’s used to getting whatever he wants. Walking away from him after a searing kiss is her only option.

When serendipity brings them together in the snowy mountains of Utah, will Victoria and Curran be able to mend the fences in their hearts, or will discovery and heartbreak tear them apart?

What readers are saying:

4 Blue Ribbons. "A sweet, charming romance about two lonely people who are trying to learn how to trust again. Author Lucy Francis skillfully combines an engaging story with well written and likable characters to create a highly enjoyable story." --Romance Junkies Reviews

"I love the layers of this story--the way the secrets were revealed to the reader and the hero, and the way the secondary love story mirrors the main one. And I loved the gentle build of the romance. The characters grew together in a realistic yet romantic way. All in all, a terrific debut!"

"Ahhhh, true love is never easy. But, it is always worth the struggle when it comes with a happy ending. Emotions are written vividly and there is no shortage of conflict... kind of like life, eh mate? A great read with no other motive than to tell a good love story. Looking forward to her next one!"

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