Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Love a Scoundrel by Sharon Ihle

~Book 4 of the Law And Disorder Series~

She lives for danger. A beautiful Pinkerton agent, Jewel Flannery disguises her identity to hunt down outlaws. And she always gets her man.

He lives for passion. A magnetically handsome riverboat gambler, Bret Conners can have any woman he wants. Except the one "jewel" he desires most of all.

When Bret spies the secret fire burning behind Jewel's disguise, both he and Jewel are searching for robbers. But what they find is a treasure more precious than gold, more savage and reckless than their stolen kiss, and it poses the greatest danger of all.

Nominee, Best Historical Romantic Suspense, Romantic Times


"Intrigue, humor and sensuality all in one package."

"Definitely different characters than what the usual historical romance has. Overall, a fun-to-read book... lots of unusual twists."

"The characters' lines kept me chuckling throughout the book."


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