Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Night Passage by Carol Davis Luce

"...a writer not to be overlooked." ~Tony Hillerman

When Roni Mayfield was nine, the ground gave way under her feet as the mine shaft collapsed, trapping her in the damp rot and cold dirt. Now a grown-up big city reporter, unearthing other people's trauma, she still fears the dark--or what was in it. Some memories never fade.

Roni escaped the stigma of being the outsider in an isolated Nevada mining town, but a desperate plea from her childhood mentor, Carolyn Holt, drags her back to Eagleton where memories should be buried, and outsiders couldn't be trusted. Roni is the only one Carolyn dares trust. Both were outsiders. But Roni is too late. Carolyn killed herself, according to the local sheriff--end of story. Not for Roni.

Carolyn is dead. But her son isn't. Eleven and alone in the aging Victorian house at the edge of town, he hides in the attic leaving only under the cover of night, while a killer stalks. 

In Eagleton, Nevada, when Roni digs up details about a devastating tragedy twelve years ago, no one is safe. Everyone has a motive. In this town, what you know...can kill you.

What readers are saying:

"I love a book that hooks me and makes me think. This is certainly one that I will recommend to others. I was soooo hooked, I finished it in six hours. It really was a fantastically crafted tale."

"The mystery was chilling, the descriptions gorgeous, the writing absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend this book!"

"This author knows how to keep you guessing right to the end."

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  1. I love this book! Carol Davis Luce gives readers an intriguing collection of quirky, detestable, and sexy characters in a small-town location where "misunderstood" thrives. This is my favorite of her suspense novels.