Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Secret of the Seasons: Spring by Ariadne Cross

~Journey Into The Celestial World~

Claire is a feisty young woman with a dark past she can’t escape. Plagued by guilt over her mother’s death, she devotes herself to her father. Regret and guilt threaten to drown her, and her only consolation is the company of her best friend, Drake.

However, her whole life changes one night when tragedy strikes and she meets Gabriel. After their encounter, Claire feels as if her burdens are lifted and she can breathe again.

But in a flash, Gabriel is gone. As Claire investigates his disappearance, she discovers his diary… and along with it, a startling secret that uncovers the truth about angels, heaven, and life after death.

"I was really entertained by [this book] and I will definitely read it the second, and maybe even the third time around. The melancholy of the plot is what draws me to it. I can empathize with what the main character is going through. I am pretty sure that I am not the only reader who can relate to this story. It's very moving."

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