Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Other Side of the Bridge by Katharine Swartz #Romance for #Kindle

USA Today Bestselling Author!

Ava Lancet has lost her job, her marriage, and her baby when she discovers she has inherited her grandmother’s dilapidated farmhouse in a tiny village in central Greece. With the kind of emotional impulsiveness that has frustrated her stony-faced husband for years, she decides to move there and recover from life’s sorrows.

When an elderly woman in the village mistakes Ava for her grandmother, telling her, with tears trickling down her face, that she is sorry, Ava is both touched and intrigued. What is the woman sorry for, and what secrets did her grandmother keep? Soon Ava is discovering the surprising threads of her grandmother’s life, including her part in the local Resistance during World War Two and a forbidden love affair with a British
SOE agent.

Spanning three generations and exploring the lives of two very different and yet surprisingly similar women, The Other Side of The Bridge will remind you how a fragile hope can spring from both tragedy and despair. Written by USA Today bestselling author Kate Hewitt, writing as Katharine Swartz.

What readers are saying:

“I had a hard time putting it down. I recommend this book.” ~JK, an Amazon Reviewer

“I loved it. So many parallel tales of coming to terms with sorrow and disappointment.” ~Read-aholic, an Amazon Reviewer

“I found this book to be well-crafted and cleverly plotted. I put this on my keeper shelf.” ~Rosemary, an Amazon Reviewer

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