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The Questing by Kathryn Le Veque - A Medieval Romance @kathrynleveque

1298 A.D. – Lady Diamantha de Bocage Edlington lost her husband at the Battle of Falkirk. Grieving, she is unprepared for the visit of Sir Cortez de Bretagne, King Edward’s garrison commander at Sherborne Castle. Dark and fiery from his Spanish heritage, Cortez is a knight with sultry good looks and a quick temperament. He has also come on a mission.

Cortez was the last man who saw Diamantha’s husband alive and promised the dying man he would take care of his wife. He has therefore come to claim her. Horrified, Diamantha struggles to come to terms with what de Bretagne is telling her, but in her heart, resentment and hatred stir: Robert Edlington’s corpse was left upon the fields of
Falkirk and de Bretagne, as the last man to see him, is to blame.

Therefore, before Diamantha will become de Bretagne’s wife, she makes a demand of him: return for Robert’s body and bring him home for a proper burial. And so, the great Questing to find Robert Edlington’s body begins….

Join Diamantha and Cortez on their great journey from the fields of Dorset to the hallowed grounds of Falkirk, a journey during which they discover great and terrible things about the world, their country, and each other. From the ashes of grief rises a phoenix of great passion, and bonds are forged between Diamantha and Cortez that can never be broken.

What readers are saying:

“Kathryn Le just wow!” ~ InD'Tale Magazine

“I savored each and every word of this long anticipated novel as if it were a box of expensive Swiss chocolate - it was THAT good!” ~An Amazon Reviewer, 5-stars

“…brought me to tears within the very first pages of the Prologue… I plan to reread this novel, time after time, because it is about love, and love is timeless!” ~An Amazon Reviewer, 5-stars

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